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The TEARDROP SMART DEVICE is a Two-way Calling Operates on various 4G bands, and will fall back to 3G/2Gwhen there is no 4G coverage.


Crystal Clear Audio The 2-way speaker allows for both talking and listening with emergency personnel.


Geo Alert
Allows for multiple Geo fences and sends alerts as the device enters or leaves a particular area.


Power On/Off Alert Voice alerts will notify you if the device is turned off and when it is turned on.


SOS Alarm An SOS alarm with location details will be sent to a nearby monitoring station when
you press the SOS button or automatic fall detection is activated.


Fall Alarm In the event of a fall or collision the device will automatically send an SOS message to a
nearby emergency center.


Low Battery Alarm When the battery charge falls below 20% the device will emit a verbal “low battery” message.


Preset Voice Prompts You can set voice prompts to remind yourself of important times (e.g., medication reminders).


Superior Construction

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight - 1.41 ounces
  • Small size - 2.4" x 1.732" x 0.63"




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