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Past Trade Show Event

Held in Barbados in 2020



Founder of the Bermuda company ICSS Dwain Smith, outlining the operations of the ihelp +3G safety device to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sandra Husbands, Assistant Commissioner of Police William Yearwood and president of the Alzheimer's Association of Barbados Pamella Brereton.


National Union of Public Workers'

The event had in attendance representatives from the emergency services and the Royal Barbados Police Force witnessed a demonstration of the device 's use,  The Ihelp +3G operates on a 3G cellular network and can be used anywhere there is cellular coverage and allows the wearer to summon help at the press of a button.

Assistant Commissioner of Police William Yearwood said the device would be "a great help" toa police force whose man power was stretched to the limit, but which constantly found itself in a position of having to assist with finding elderly people with dementia

Atlantic Heavy Equipment Show

Barbados Elderly population now have the means to access assistance in an emergency, through a device introduced to the island. The ihelp +3G is a personal medical alert device that allows users to summon help with the press of a button,  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sandra Husband says it gives Barbados seniors living on their own, peace of mind and a sense of security.

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