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Where is ICSS located?

ICSS is currently servicing the islands of Bermuda and Barbados as of 2021 with plans to open in the Cayman Islands and Antigua by 2022.


Quality Service

Our service is unmatched. We provide a quality experience from placement of orders to product set up and usage.


Island-wide Delivery

We provide island wide delivery along with free setup and site visit.


Quality Product

Our device is free from malfunctions and is easy to use and set up.

Additional Services

Working Together


The ihelp Process

In an emergency? Press the TEARDROP button and send instant notifications to emergency personnel via FLOW NETWORK. Wait calmly for help on the way!

emergency-call-system-senior-man-holding-alarm- .jpg

The leading life-safety device

Our cutting-edge device is operated, distributed, and serviced locally through Investing in Care, Safety, and Security (ICSS). This device is powered by the Digicel network thus ensuring island-wide coverage.


What is the Teardrop Device?

Teardrop is a mobile life-safety and tracking device which can summon immediate help at the press of a button. It is designed to keep you safe, whether you are at home or on the go.

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